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Advanced Training
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Design Thinking (DT) is one of the most effective methods to create meaningful and innovative products, services and processes. Do you want to learn Design Thinking like it's taught at the University of St.Gallen and Stanford? We are part of the Design Thinking Teaching team at the University of St.Gallen and will teach you the basic tools and steps of the Design Thinking process. You will apply all the learned theories directly in real life for a better learning experience! 

Business Models are an important driver of your product's success. Learn how to develop new and innovative Business Models with the help of the Business Model Canvas and our Business Model Pattern Cards developed at the University of St.Gallen!  

Introduction Course
Business Model Innovation
St. Gallen
Introduction Course
Introduction into Design Thinking
St. Gallen

The Design Thinking (DT) process enables teams to create new and meaningful products, services and processes. Learn how to initiate and lead innovation projects which are centered around human-centered design in your organization!

We offer customized trainings for teams in organizations in all areas of innovation. For example, in a Design Thinking training, your team learns the Design Thinking methodology and applies it to a real life case study. We can prepare a case study independent from your organization or work on a challenge from your company. 

Customized Trainings
We offer customized Trainings
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We train YOU in Design Thinking! 

At d-swiss, we believe that Design Thinking can transform projects, teams, companies and lives. Design Thinking is one of the most effective methods to create meaningful and innovative products, services and processes. d-swiss has emerged from a decade of experience teaching Design Thinking both in multinational companies and at the University of St.Gallen.

Our team has successfully applied the Design Thinking methodology in over 100 projects across different industries and countries and has trained more than 5000 people in Design Thinking globally together with our partner company IT Management Partner St.Gallen AG (ITMP) and with the University of St.Gallen.

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At d-swiss, we have the vision to empower people and teams with effective tools and techniques to develop human-centered products, services, processes and business models.  We work together as a team based in Germany, Denmark and Switzerland to make our vision become reality. Get a first impression here and meet us in one of our trainings! 

Jennifer Hehn

St.Gallen, Switzerland

Jennifer is an experienced Design Thinking Professional teaching Design Thinking and consulting companies on Design Thinking for nearly a decade.

Reiko Oberhummer

Zurich, Switzerland

Reiko is a Design Thinking Coach and excited about helping individuals and companies to discover their creativity and create new business opportunities. 

Ursina Steffen

Zurich, Switzerland

For Ursina, Design Thinking is a matter close to her heart because it enables people to become a better and more creative version of themselves.

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Linda Lichel

Berlin, Germany

Linda is a Design Thinking Coach and marketing expert. She enjoys sparking creativity in individuals and teams to develop new ideas. 

Michèle Kalberer

Zurich, Switzerland

Michèle is enthusiastic about innovation and creative solution methods like Design Thinking. She works as Consultant and Design Thinking Coach.

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