Introduction into Design Thinking

Learn the basics of Stanford's Design Thinking approach! 

This one day course offers you the opportunity to learn and apply the Design Thinking (DT) methodology by doing a case study. The workshop combines crucial theoretical input on DT with experiences and learnings from doing over 100 real projects over the past decade. During the workshop, we will guide you through the entire DT cycle - from needfinding over ideation to prototyping and testing. The learning objectives for this program are to give you:

  1. ...a full overview of the basics of Design Thinking

  2. understanding of methods used in Design Thinking like interviewing people, applying frameworks, simple brainstorming techniques, rough prototyping tools, and many more...

  3. evaluate the potential of Design Thinking for your own projects

You'll walk away having...

  • DT process: Applied it to a real life challenge

  • Needfinding: Designed your interview guide and conducted your own interviews with users

  • Synthesis: Internalized synthesizing techniques applying tools such as transcription of findings of the interviews and storytelling

  • Prototypes: Experimented with low-resolution prototyping methods such as building a prototype with paper or low-resolution prototyping applications such as Prott

  • Immersion: Into a new way of working and approaching problems

  • Guidelines and templates for immediate usage

This is the ideal course for you if you...

  • Design Thinking: Apply it in your daily practice

  • Innovation: Bring into your company

  • Problem solving: Want to learn new approaches to solve complex problems in a changing world

  • Team management: Want to manage agile and Design Thinking inspired teams more effectively

  • Mindset: Want to become more open-minded, proactive and curious

  • Application: Are planning to use Design Thinking in your organization for solving wicked- and ill-defined problems


6-15 people


1 day



Dates 2019 will

be published soon.


St. Gallen / Zurich




CHF 800 p.p.

Included in the price are...

  • A certificate of absolving the Design Thinking Introduction Course

  • The training and hands-on feedback

  • The documentation and learning materials

  • The workshop space and Food and Drinks

  • A global network of Design Thinking enthusiasts

Excluded in the price are the...

  • Travel Costs

  • Accommodation

The course will start at 9 am on the first day and will end at 5 pm. 

We will give hands-on feedback based on each individual’s performance to guarantee learning success. The learning materials and hands-on tools are provided after the workshop to ensure that you can apply the learned techniques in your daily routine immediately. This course will be facilitated in German at the respective date. 

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Introduction Design Thinking

The perfect course to learn more about Design Thinking! Join us!

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